2016 FAD Resources

Need help finding a topic for your FAD?

Here you can check out old OCB FAD topics, both International and local.  Right now you can find 2012-2015, but we will keep updating the list. 

Maybe looking at motions presented at the Gathering will give some inspiration?  You can find a list of all motions which were approved at the 2015 Gathering here

You can also look at the list of all motions submitted to the Internatinal General Assembly here (log in: msf; password: iga)

During the la Mancha debates, we discussed lots of issues, many of them still pertinent.  You can find a list of them here

You can download the 2016 FAD Toolbox where you can find all sorts of useful information (including The Association and the 2016 Field Assocaitive Debates 

Also, here is the IGA presentation on the 2015 FADs and the Associative Life in the Field.

There is also an Associative Toolbox, where you can find a lot of information (some of it is listed here as well).


MSF Movies:

  • MSF is what we make of it together: A short video clip for all MSF staff and members promoting associative engagement  (English, FrenchSpanishArabicPortugese)
  • Life of a motion: Explains the associative basics and exemplifies it by emphasising the process leading to the adoption and implementation of a motion (discussion, vote & operational impact) (EnglishFrench)
  • MSF in 40 seconds (EnglishFrench)
  • Movement Wide Association: A video by Movement-wide association members to encourage associative life for all MSFers  (English)
  • MSF Presentation Movie Short Version (EnglishFrenchArabic)  
  • MSF Presentation Movie Long Version (EnglishFrenchArabic)
  • Mapping the world (EnglishFrench)
  • From actions to words (English)
  • 2014-2015 A Year in Foucs: OCs’ recap of main operations in the past year (English)
  • Looking at MSF / On regarde MSF: This movie clip was made by Toubo, Vincent, Alexis and Clarisse, all MSF members in Moïssala, Chad. For about a year they filmed the life of their mission, the association, and much more. Join and watch MSF!  (EnglishFrench)
  • MSF 40 years of independence (EnglishFrenchArabic)
  • The MSF Adventure (EnglishFrench)
  • MSF (un)Limited Feature Film: Story of MSF in 13 sequences: An international movement; 1980’s - Action versus témoignage ; End of eighties; Emergencies; Haiti and major emergencies; Genocide; Srebrenica + Failing?; Speaking out; Medical approach; AIDS; Independence; Dilemmas, compromises; Challenges for the future duration (EnglishFrenchPortugese)
  • Access to Danger Zone Feature Film (English)
  • Living in Emergency Feature Film (EnglishFrench)
  • International General Assembly: what's the point? Interviews with IGA Reps and IB members explaining what the IGA is, what it does, how it is linked to the FADs and what happens to the motions it adopts (coming from the FADs)  (EnglishFrench)
  • Movement Wide Association (EnglishFrenchSpanish)
  • MSF says Thank you! for 2014 (English)
  • MSF Presentation video: Short video presenting MSF’s work and principles. Primary target is internal: new staff, induction days, welcome days, trainings in the field and home societies. The video could also be used for larger audience externally in this end of year: websites, social media, newsletters. (English, French, Italian)
  • What is MSF? Video to introduce MSF. In lectures, courses, meetings, conferences, round tables... wherever it would be useful. (English, French, Spanich, Arabic)

FAD Movies:

  • The pre-FAD in Hebron (2013)A self-made video by OCBA showing the ambiance of a pre FAD, held in Hebron (Palestinian territories) in 2013
  • FAD in Jerusalem (2013)A self-made and engaging video by OCBA showing the atmosphere and dynamics of a of the 2013 FAD in Jerusalem

MSF Talks: Short, dynamic presentations about innovations and new ideas in MSF 

By: Rebecca Cederholm