2017 FAD Resources

FAD Resources 2017

Need help finding a topic for your FAD?

At the menu to the right you can check out old OCB FAD topics, both International and local.  Right now you can find 2011-2015, but we will keep updating the list. 

Maybe looking at motions presented at the OCB Gathering will give you some inspiration?  You can find a list of all motions which were approved at the 2016 at the menu to the right. 

You can also look at the list of all motions submitted to the Internatinal General Assembly here (log in: msf; password: iga)

During the la Mancha debates, we discussed lots of issues, many of them still pertinent.  You can find a list of them here.  

There is also an Associative Toolbox, where you can find a lot of information and movies you can show during the FAD.


Attached below you can find useful presentations for the FADs.

For more information: www.association.msf.org/2017FADs (login: msf / password: iga) 


Updated 02.01.2017

By: Anna Borg