_2018: Q1 MSF SAA Newsletter

MSF SA Newsletter-2018-1

On behalf of our Association President Agnes Musonda and of the MSF Southern Africa Association members in Zambia, we invite you to the MSF Southern Africa General Assembly.

Venue: Golden Peacock Hotel,  Lusaka, Zambia

Date: 11 and 12 May 2018

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One MSF one movement

By Agnes Musonda

It’s always amazing to see the passion and excitement that comes from the movement about MSF, as busy as we all are, we all decide to take time off to attend our ever-vibrant General Assembly.


Humanitarian Training For Zambia Association Members

The training program was offered in July 2015 here in Zambia by MSF Southern Africa representatives to recognizing the value that such an intervention could have at various levels.


Reflection on MSF Association Post MSf Projects in Zambia

By Bright Mumba

It was during the time Msf OCBA was winding up it’s activities in the reproductive Health Project far flung remote areas of Zambian Northern province ‘’Luwingu District’’.2012 – 2013.


What is Garec

Sexual harassment happens in every organisation. Sadly most of these cases go unreported as the abused individuals are afraid to report such cases for different reasons. MSF has created a special committee for such cases:



By: Munyaradzi Makombe