Accountability to Beneficiaries Workshop 19 April

Workshop 19 April - Streamed

How we can improve how we as MSF are connected to and accountable to our patients and their communities?
How can we better involve them in accountability processes, decision making and priority setting?

MSF’s accountability to beneficiaries (hereafter ATB) is stated in many of our key documents. However, we still struggle to define what ATB means and entails for MSF. An international associative working group was formed in 2015, with a task to further the discussion and realization of ATB . Today there are many ongoing initiatives within our operations that in different ways aim at improving our connectedness to patients and the communities where we work.

The workshop: The working group is organising a 1-day meeting for sharing of experiences but also as a platform where ATB can be discussed in general.

All members are welcome to follow online!!




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How to follow the Workshop online?
For streaming install the Codian runtime available on (Windows only) :
1. For low bandwidth (minimum 64 kbit) : open mms:// with a browser – and confirm you want to use Windows Media player if/when asked
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If you are in an MSF office:
Video conference from an MSF office: Brussels Fjord Bridge,,

Background material:

MSF’s definition and mission statement on accountability towards beneficiaries
Rationale, definition, mission statement

Accountability questions for debates and FAD's
Intro and questions to explore

Humanitarian Assistance and Accountability: What Are We Really Talking About?
by Y.S. Andrew Tan; Johan von Schreeb, MD, PhD

Requirements for Independent Community-Based Quality Assessment and Accountability Practices in Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Activities
by Thomas D. Kirsch, MD, MPH; Paul Perrin, MPH; Frederick M. Burkle, Jr., MD, MPH, DTM; William Canny; Susan Purdin; William Lin, PhD; Lauren Sauer, MS

Accountability to affected populations. Tools to assist in implementing the IASC AAP commitments,




By: Anna Borg