Additional Area of Contribution (ACC)

Dear all,

In the attached document we have gathered input from Phase 1, GA in May 2014 and the workshop 22nd September 2014.

In addition, we have suggested which tasks that are vital in Phase 2, defined as the period until the GA in May 2015.

Please read the document and consider which proposal you would like to be connected to, and contact one of us as soon as possible:

Medical Research                                              Victims of Torture
Cheme Andersen,                           Anders Bæhring,
Heidi Christensen,                            Torill Pallesen,

There will be many levels of tasks, both in complexity and workload, so do not hesitate to come forward !

After working in separate groups, we will invite to a joint workshop in January 2015 for the exchange of status, ideas and way forward 

 Our best regards,

Cheme, Heidi, Anders & Torill


By: Anna Borg