AGM 2016

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Outcome of Annual General Meeting 2016

Number of members attended: 119 members (66 present in person, 53 present remotely by livecast)

Number of non-members attended: 49 (46 present in person, 3 present remotely by livecast)

Number of members voted: 89 members (60 voted in person, 24 voted online, 5 represented by proxy)

Voting Results

1. Audited accounts for the year ended 31 December 2015
    81 votes were cast in favour of the said resolution; 0 votes against; and 8 abstentions  Passed 

2. Reappointmemt of Auditor
     72 votes were cast in favour of the said resolution; 6 votes against; and 11 abstentions  Passed 

3. Motion on voting rights of employees with local contracts
     64 votes were cast in favour of the said motion; 10 votes against; and 15 abstentions   Passed 

4. Board Election
Members of the Meeting were asked to elect five board members from the eight candidates. There were in total 60 valid ballots cast by the members in person, 24 valid ballots cast online and 5 valid ballots cast by members by proxy. The list of the elected board members is as follows: 

  • CHAN Kwong-wai, Gloria (3 years)
  • CHAN Shut-wah, Kenneth (3 years)
  • FAN Ning (3 years)
  • Marlene LEE (3 years)
  • Sartini SAMAN (3 years) and that her appointment shall take effect upon expiry or termination of her field contract with OCB, which is currently expected to be 31 December 2016.

Meeting Highlights




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By: Jennifer Wong