AGM 2018

Dear MSFers,

It is my pleasure to invite you to the Annual General Meeting of MSF-Hong Kong to be held on the 24th and 25th of August 2018.

This year we are bringing forth two intriguing topics for dialogue and debate with world-leading experts from the field.

Panel discussion: Methanol Poisoning

Methanol is a widely available chemical used for industrial purposes.  People add methanol to drinking alcohol, diluting it, and allowing it be sold on a larger profit.  Methanol is not toxic itself, but it is metabolized to a very toxic substance: formic acid and/or formate.

Methanol poisoning is prevalent in the Asian Region.  As patients with methanol poisoning often need intensive medical care, outbreaks can rapidly overwhelm medical facilities, and medical practitioners generally do not have the capacity and knowledge to diagnose and treat them properly, which results in delayed treatment and may be fatal.

We aim to raise awareness and knowledge about this silent epidemic through the panel discussion.  For the movement, we hope that field workers/staff could be aware of and have high index of suspicion in identifying and managing Methanol poisoning cases, HR could brief field workers who are having a break in certain countries, and the channels for consultation.

Debate: MSF & Planetary Health – Never the twain shall meet?

The medical and humanitarian threats posed by our poor stewardship of our planet are indisputable.  From copious breeding of mosquitoes to drastic typhoons and severe floods and droughts, climate change and environmental degradation has intensified the devastating impacts of natural disasters on the populations we serve.

Are we sufficiently prepared to response to these risks?  And are we working hard enough to mitigate our own environmental footprint?  How do we align the humanitarian movement with Planetary Health?  Is it true that never the twain shall meet?

Please come contribute to the debate and courageously and collectively confront the elephant in the MSF-movement.

We look forward to welcoming you in Hong Kong on 24th and 25th August!


Warm Regards,

Chiels Liu


Médecins Sans Frontières – Hong Kong

By: Carol Tan