AGM 2019

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*Latest Arrangement for the AGM 2019 in Hong Kong*


Due to the recent developments in HK, especially over last weekend whereby the situation has become vehemently unpredictable, hostile and in some cases violent. The Board has concluded to NOT have our overseas guests to travel to Hong Kong for the GA and to host the GA at our Office as opposed to the initiate venue.

For those who are interested, you could still join us remotely via our livecast platform, Voting will continue as planned on 24th August commencing at 10:00am until 16:00pm HKT.

We have revised our AGM agenda which can be viewed here. We hope that you understand our decision was made with the utmost consideration and we appreciate your interest and support.

Thank you

14th August 2019

MSFHK Association

Welcome from the President

Dear MSFers,

Greetings!  It is my pleasure to invite you to participate in the Annual General Meeting of MSF-Hong Kong.  We will have the event on 23 and 24 August (Friday and Saturday), at The Hub in Wan Chai (Please note the venue has now been changed to the MSF-Hong Kong Office in Sai Wan), Hong Kong.  Apart from the usual business, we will also delve into a major arthropod-borne disease, and the commemoration of MSF-Hong Kong’s 25th anniversary.

Panel Discussion: Dengue Fever  (Please note that the Panel Discussion has now been changed to 'The Hong Kong Situation Update Briefing'. The revised agenda can be found here.)

Ensuing our debate last year on planetary health, the panel discussion on Friday evening will feature one of the top 10 threats to global health in 2019 – Dengue, which is a climate-sensitive disease and now endemic in over 100 countries.  Global incidence of dengue has multiplied significantly over the past five decades due to increased rainfall and rise in temperatures resulting from climate change, among other reasons such as rapid urbanization and the lack of prevention strategies.

We strive to raise awareness on Dengue, in the Movement as well as in endemic countries where MSF have missions, identify gaps and challenges, and explore how MSF can confront this urban killer in the region.

MSF-HK 25th Anniversary – 'Strength in Diversity'

In commemorating 25 years of MSF-Hong Kong, the session on Saturday afternoon will be dedicated to a space for us to take stock of the accomplishments and failures in the past quarter of a century, check out our strengths and weaknesses amidst current issues, and put heads together and envisage what we want MSF-Hong Kong to be in the years ahead and the steps forward.

We hope this will be a constructive dialogue and reflection to keep us true to the core of our precepts in the face of the challenges in the changing humanitarian ecosystem and political landscape, along with the many evolutions in the Movement.  

Board Election

Last but not least, another key business of the AGM is the election of new board members.   There are seven vacant positions on the Board of Directors this year and it will also be the end of my mandate of being the President.  I urge you all to go through the information about the candidates and exercise your voting right to help shape the Board of Directors.

Your voices and votes count.  So bring along your experiences, insights, and associative spirit and we look forward to welcoming you in Hong Kong!

Warm Regards,

Chiels Liu


Médecins Sans Frontières – Hong Kong

By: Wai Wai Lui