AGM 2020 Outcome

Have you missed our AGM? Dont worry you can now rewatch the whole event here:

Below is a summary of the outcomes of this year's AGM

MSF Hong Kong Board of Directors:

  • Dr Kenneth CHAN (President / IGA Rep)
  • Alvin TEO (Vice Prsident / IGA Rep / Treasurer)
  • Dr Chiels LIU (Vice President)
  • Katrien COPPENS (OCB Rep)
  • Dr Wilson LI
  • Dr Shannon CHAN (newly elected)
  • Karin MOORHOUSE (newly elected)

Co-opted Members:

  • Benoit DE GRYSE (OCA)
  • Alberto ZERBONI (OCB)

Voting Results

1. 'To adopt the Audited Financial Statements and the Reports of the Directors and Auditors for the year ended 31 December 2019'.
(Weighted Voting System applied)
For: 74.16 votes
Against: 0 vote
Abstain: 3.74 votes
Result - PASSED

2. 'To re-appoint KPMG as the Auditors of the Company and to authorise the Board of Directors of the Company to fix the auditor's remuneration.' 
(Weighted Voting System applied)
For: 65.94 votes
Against: 2 votes
Abstain: 9.96 votes
Result - PASSED

3. 'To pass an ordinary resolution on ‘Cultural Competency in the Fields’.'
For: 77 votes
Against: 0 vote
Abstain: 10 votes
Result - PASSED

4. 'THAT the article set out in Notice of Special Resolution be adopted to replace the existing Article 80 of the Articles of Association of the Company with immediate effect.'
For: 70 votes
Against: 0 vote
Abstain: 17 votes
Result - PASSED


No. of members attended online: 136

No. of members voted: 87

Thank you again - if you have any feedbacks for the AGM please let us know by sending an email to We hope to see you at our next AGM in the coming year!

By: Ka Wing Chan