Definition of the MSF DK Association including outline of purpose

The Danish MSF Association is, as it were, ‘our MSF’: It is an open forum where the individual member feels ownership of the Association by feeling welcome and invited to participate. It is a place where it is possible to become knowledgeable about and influence the organization. It is a place of actively participating in debates and activities that define MSF Denmark. Within the Association the individual will find a social network of like-minded people, who also wish to participate in MSF-activities and projects both on a national and international level.

The Association is a place where people who are associated with MSF can meet regardless of background. The Association is operated by the members. It has a formalized contact with the office, but is as such independent. All members can get involved in the Association’s activities.

The purpose of the Danish Association is to share and develop knowledge, create activities and networks, which in the end will benefit MSF-projects in the field. Part of the Association is the board of representatives, which are the members eligible to vote at the annual General Assembly.

By: Anna Borg