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We know that MSF is not an easy organization to understand.  As a way to make the association easier to grasp, and to help bringing more members to the table for debate and discussion, we have started an association buddy pilot program. The buddy system is intended to be an informal network of members that want to share their passion and knowledge about MSF with new members.  

Initially new members will be offered a buddy during the asso brieifing on their return from the field, but our hope is to be able to offer at buddy to everyone who is interested.  Are you an expert on the Association and would like to become a senior buddy?  Are you new to the Association and would like to be connected to an exprienced member?  Contact Rebecca

Here you can find resourses about the association, and what it means to be a member. 

1. What is the Association

2. Governance Documents

3. Movies

What is the Association?

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is a vibrant, field-based movement, engaging volunteers and staff from all parts of the world in a shared commitment to humanitarian medical action. Through MSF associations, members voice their opinions and contribute to the definition and implementation of MSF’s social mission. The associations safeguard the identity of MSF, ensuring that activities and operations stay true to MSF’s Charter, principles and social mission.

By joining an association, members engage in the collective ownership of MSF and oversight of its leadership. The associations function in a participatory way. During the General Assembly, members select a board, which in the case of some associations oversees executive activities. The executive is responsible for day-to-day management and support of operations, and is accountable to the members of the association.  The strength of the MSF association lies in its membership of experienced individuals, who choose to dedicate some of their time to determining how MSF’s medical action can best serve people in need of assistance. All MSF members are, or have been working with MSF as employees or volunteers in MSF headquarters or field missions.

Governance Documents

Governance made (almost) easy: PowerPoint   Booklet

MSF's Guiding Principles

Chantilly Agreement

La Mancha Agreement

Fact Sheet #1 - MSF International 

Fact Sheet #2 - The International General Assembly

Fact Sheet #3 - The International Board

Fact Sheet #4 - The Movement Wide Association

Fact Sheet #5 - The Executive Committee

MSF Sweden Statutes

MSF Sweden Strategy

MSF Sweden Association Strategy

International Statutes

Internal Rules of MSF International 


Humanitarian Negotiations Revealed: The MSF Experience


Once Upon a Time in the MSF Movement

Life of a Motion

MSF in 40 Seconds

MSF Presentation Movie

MSF (un)Limited

Mapping the world 1

Mapping the world 2

MSF: 40 Years of Independence

The MSF Adventure: Part 1 From utopia to reality

The MSF Adventure: Part 2 A time of rebellion

Affliction: documentary film about the 2015 MSF Ebola response in West Africa (N.B. internal document, not to be distributed outside of MSF)

Access to the Danger Zone

For reasons of copyright you are not allowed to share it.


By: Rebecca Cederholm