Associative Life Working Group

Associative Life Working Group (ALWG)

ALWG is a long term active year round committee within the MSFHK Board and comprises of various Board members and the Association Coordinator/Executive that strives to develop plans and strategies for the organization of the associative life of MSF HK. The ALWG also proposes objectives and guidance for the development of the MSF HK Association that are a part of the MSF movement today and in the future.

Core Responsibility

Support and oversight of associative dossiers and activities on behalf of the MSF HK Board.


  • Take leadership on associative matters in support to the Board;
  • Develop specific associative policies as requested by the Board;
  • Facilitate and assist follow up of AGM motions as directed by the Board.


  • Support the effective development of motions processes;
  • Support to other working groups within the Board as requested;
  • Support to office as requested;
  • Support, guide and provide leadership to facilitate the role and responsibilities of the Association Coordinator/Executive;
  • Planning, organizing, managing and running events such as Associative Debates, AGM, regional associate members and peers gathering.


  • Current ALWG committee members are:
    • Co-chair: Ka Wing CHAN (Association Executive)
    • Shannon CHAN
    • Wilson LI
    • Chiels LIU
    • Karin MOORHOUSE
    • Alvin TEO
  • Committed current board members of diverse background and from different regions of the association form the core voluntarily. The added value of having such diverse representation will enable linkage and voice from the region to be heard, and taken into consideration in aiding the association.
  • The Association Coordinator of MSF HK sits on the ALWG to provide insight about associative activities and initiatives within the association, and across the movement, and is responsiblefor the executive implementation of work done by the ALWG. The Association Coordinator also works closely with the ALWG on planning, organizing and managing the many events undertaken by the working group.



  • The ALWG is chaired by the Association Coordinator/Executive (Ka Wing) and a member of the ALWG (Alvin).
  • The Association Coordinator/Executive works directly with the ALWG chair(s) to schedule meetings, develop meeting agendas, keep a record of minutes and distribute information amongst the ALWG and to the association on behalf of the ALWG.


  • ALWG recommendations and proposals are submitted directly to the HK Board for endorsement.
  • The HK Board may delegate specific decision-making authority to the ALWG when required.
  • The ALWG reports regularly to the HK Board and it is the HK Board as a whole that is accountable for decisions concerning the association.
By: Ka Wing Chan