Associative Person of Trust

Evy Dvergsdal is our current APT and you can reach her at in case of need.
What type of cases can be brought to the APT?
Cases brought to the APT could be related to incidents that have happened in the association, in the field or in the office (incl. OC). It could be cases of
  • discrimination
  • abuse
  • harassment
  • other kinds of misconduct
  • conflict within the organization
For field workers it could also be concerns related to their professional career, although such issues should primarily be addressed and handled within the management line.
Cases should be dealt with in a confidential manner, where the Associative Member decides if and with whom information can be shared.
How can the APT help?
The APT can, for example, be of help when an Associative Member doesn't know how to navigate in the system, and will guide the person in question to the appropriate structure. The APT can make sure the rights of the Associative Member are secured, improve and assure the processes and point out potential challenges and opportunities. If meetings have been organized, the APT will brief and debrief the Associative Member before and after the meeting.
The APT should facilitate dialogue / negotiations when necessary. The role of the APT is one of a facilitator / messenger / advisor rather than a party to the request, and needs to be independent and neutral in all cases. 
According to needs and based on the nature of the complaint / concern, the APT could direct the Associative Member to the relevant body, or support the Associative Member in addressing the complaint to the relevant receiver accordingly:
What kind of follow-up is required will be decided on a case-to-case basis and depending on the nature of the complaint. Where relevant (AMU, Garec) this will follow standard procedures that are in place. This function should not weaken the normal reporting line and the person who takes on this function must be aligned with what is already in place of procedures and policies.
APT requirements:
The APT should have a single email address just for this function, in which any reporting and documentation will be handled according to GDPR rules. If a need to have an archive occurs, the documents will be handled under the same rules as for the staff representative. Cases will be defined as responded to when finalised. The APT will be elected by the Board from the current Board members. It should be a Board member with good overview of the reporting mechanisms that are already in place and who is well familiar with the various responsibilities in the executive. To ensure an understanding of potential issues related to field work, it should be a board member with field experience.
The associative members should be made familiar with the function of the APT through:
  • Briefings and debriefings by the asso coordinator / assistant
  • Newsletter
  • Relevant associative gatherings such as the GA
By: MSF Norway Association