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December, 2018: Associative event on Antibiotic Resistance (ABR)
Associative events on Antibiotic Resistance (ABR) were held in 4 projects in Afghan mission.
Khost project:
ABR event in Khost was organized on December 9th in order to sensitize MSF staff internally about antibiotic resistance and make sure they know the concrete measure they can take as individuals to prevent it.

The Event started with a short speech by the project Association focal point (Abdul Basir Salehee) and he briefly explained the objective of the event. Dr. Basir (national staff doctor) was the main facilitator of the event.

Dasht-e-Barchi project:
Dasht-e-Barchi project had the ABR event on 19th of December 2018 with 40 participants.

The event started at 2:00 with welcoming remarks by the Dasht-e-Barchi project coordinator and Association focal point. The national staff health Doctor (Dr. Waisullah) delivered the presentation.

During of the presentation we had group activities. We had three groups with different questions about Antibiotic Resistance. The presentation included two videos on Antibiotic Resistance.

Towards the end, we had some questions with prizes for participants regarding the topic of the discussion.

Helmand project:
The Event was held in the hospital to spread the message around people to know the risk of using extra medicine and what can be the side effects of it. In this event the participants were medical and none medical staff around 30 people including female staff attended the presentation.

The event went successful and the participant were requesting to have such type of more essential topic from the association side to be organized in Lashkar Gah field to spread the awareness among the staff and the community.

Coordination office:
The ABR event in Coordination office was organized on the 31st of December from 2:00 to 3:30 by the association committee. We had around 40 participants. The presentation was delivered by Dr. Wardak(Lab referent) in local language.
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June 11, 2018: Not all HQs are in Europe

The association committee organized an associative discussion on Not all HQs are in Europe in Coordination office which was led by Guilhem. He is the General Director of South African Section Office and was in Afghanistan as Humanitarian Advisor for a few weeks. On his last day in coordination office the asso committee organized a short associative session to inform our staff on their activities in SA. Click here to read the report!

The session gathered some 40 staff of which 7 were expats and the translation was done by our HMoU officer. 

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May 27, 2018: Associative meeting on protection of civilians in modern armed conflict

Françoise Bouchet-Saulnier Legal Director of Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) and Claude Maon Legal Adviser OCB had a visit from Afghan mission to discuss the dissemination of HMoU signed with the government of Afghanistan.

The association committee took this opportunity and organized a meeting with the two legal unit visitors and agreed upon that we will organize an asso event on the mentioned topic.The event gathered of 7 expats and 23 national staff (a total of 30 staff). Click here to read the report!

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April - May 2018: Association workshops held in different projects of Afghan mission

When the new association committee was elected during FAD 2018, it was decided by the committee members to increase awareness on associative sphere of MSF in Afghanistan. Due to that reason the committee planned to organize workshops in coordination and other projects.

The workshop named as “Associative Sphere of MSF” were conducted via PPT presentation, videos, presenting SARA, OCB, OCA and OCP newsletters from and also through questioning and answering between the facilitators and the attendees.

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14 May 2018: Volleyball match in coordination in Kabul

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FAD 2018

The FAD was supposed to take place in Afghanistan on March13, 2018, but due to the security situation in Kabul and an attack on one of the NGOs in the eastern province, it was decided to cancel 2018 FAD in Afghanistan.

Pre-FAD was organized in coordination and all other 6 projects with a general topic of how can MSF increase their visibility in outreach and remote operations and what are the risks/ benefits?

Pre-FAD in coordination was organized for only coordination and base staff. Project representatives, board members and neighboring countries staff were not invited.

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