Associative Project in Pakistan

Associative Project
The associative project seeks to boast MSF associative spirit in Pakistan (2016-2017) by strengthening the formal associative structure which provides platform for MSF associative members and staff to voice their opinions through formal and informal debates and activities (in the field, in associative gatherings at national and regional levels and in an annual international assembly) which will consequently contribute to the definition and guidance of MSF's social mission.

One of the key elements of the project will be integration, engagement and participation of associative members and staff through formal and informal associative debates  (with especial consideration to gender equality) from all field projects including Bajaur, Islamabad, Karachi and Timergurah.

The main activities will include Quarterly/ Monthly meetings; Educational activities (Guest speaker session, MSF Movie night, Celebration of World Humanitarian Day, World Nursing Day, Mental Health Day etc); SANOU Trainings and TOT; Project Mini FAD; FAD and intersectional Cricket Match; Live streaming of General Assembly (GA); Activities aiming at promotion of MSF awareness in the local society (Exhibitions in medical colleges, dissemination of MSF promotional material etc);and, Social events (Cricket, Family Day and cultural day).

Read more about objectives and planned activities in the project document and get to know how they organise themselves and ensure fair elections and gender equality in the Association standard operating procedures (SOP) below.


The implementing and governing body of the project is the Association Coordination Committee (ACC), which is responsible for organizing associative activities and achieving the overall goal. The structure of the association will be horizontal and non-hierarchal. ACC have representatives (Focal Persons) from all four projects. Each representative is responsible for the implementation of the associative activities at field level. The log frame delineates the activities of each project (Islamabad, Bajaur, Karachi and Timergurah) on dedicated separate sheets.

MSF Pakistan on Facebook
One of the topics debated at the intersectional FAD 2017 was "Social media and its impact on operations", contributing to the creation of a MSF Pakistan public facebook page. Here you will find both international and local MSF news, interviews with patients and staff and much more.


MSF Pakistan Association in Islamabad, organised a team building activity the 12th of December 2017 which included a visit to Khewra Salt Mines and Katas Raaj Tample.Total 44 persons participated in this tour, including 7 expats. Check the photo gallery for pictures!

The PAC Islamabad elections for the year 2018 took place 19th of January 2018 under the supervision of the Head of Mission. A new cabinet had been elected to run the affair of the associative committee at Coordination level. The election took place in a friendly and tranquil environment and with great zeal and commitment to MSF mission and core values.

Our team in Karachi celebrated World Hepatitis Day with a community event in Machar Colony. While volunteers from our youth peer programme took initiative to spread awareness about hepatitis C, the local community members, school children and patients participated in the celebrations. MSF observed World Hepatitis Day with festivities dedicated to our 2000 patients cured of hepatitis C in Machar colony. Read more about it and look at the pictures here.

By: Göran Svedin