Blood donation

In French

You would llike to organise an associative activity around blood donation and don't know how to do?

Please find herewith some inspiration:  the Kit that was developed by OCP and informations related to blood donation days organised by your colleagues.

Please don't do a Copy/Paste but just find some inspiration: because of course your activities should be adapted to the specific needs of your context and project and requires a good upstream preparation.


As for any Asso Event, some golden rules and basic questions to ask yourself : 

  • To what precise need would this activity answer for YOUR project?  (list all the needs, challenges, ask questions, inform yourself)
  • What is the objective?
  • What impact for the operations and for the asso life this activity can bring in your particular context?
  • How would you justifu this activity and the fact it is co-organised by the asso to your coordination?
  •  ....

All the rest comes naturaly! 

Download the small Memo not to forget anything 

Of course for any blood donation activity, connect and build synergies in first instance with your coordination and the related services.  

By: Sophie Guillaumie