Board Candidates

Retiring Board Members:

1. Nason, Tan Day Seng; Malaysia; Medical

2. Vivian, Lee Sau Wai; Cambodia; Non-medical

Resigned Board Member:

1. Roy Cosico; Philippines; Medical

Continue serving Board Memers:

1. Chiels Liu Chen Kun; Taiwan; Medical (Mandate until 2018);

2. Kenneth, Chan Shut Wah; Hong Kong; Medical (Mandate until 2019);

3. Gloria, Chan Kwong Wai; Hong Kong; Non-medical (Mandate until 2019);

4. Dick van der Tak; Malaysia; Non-medical (Mandate until 2018);

5. Fan Ning; Hong Kong; Medical (Mandate until 2019);

6. Marlene Lee; Singapore; Medical (Mandate until 2019);

7. Sartini Saman; Indonesia; Medical (Mandate until 2019)


List of ex-officio members of the board (Non-voting members)

1. Adrio Bacchetta

2. Katrien Coppens (OCA)

3. Gilles Delmas (OCP)

4. Meinie Nicolai (OCB) until 26 August 2017


Each member is entitled to elect 3 candidates from the following list of candidates, 

Board Candidates: 

1. Morpheus Causing

Check out Morpheus's CV and Letter of Motivation.


2.  Lee Yi Chen, Ethan

Check out Ethan's CV and Letter of Motivation.


3. Tan Day Seng, Nason

Check out Nason's CV and Letter of Motivation.


4. Veronica Ventura

Check out Veronica's CV and Letter of Motivation

*Note that the membership status of Veronica Ventura shall take effect upon 17 August 2017 if no objection from existing members is being filed.


5. Yeung Hoi Ha, Alica

Check out Alice's CV and Letter of Motivation.


By: Wai Wai Lui