Board Candidates

Retiring Board Members:

1. Kenneth, CHAN Shut Wah (Medical, residing in Hong Kong) - Vice President

2. Sartini SAMAN (Medical, residing in Indonesia) - Vice President

3. Gloria, CHAN Kwong Wai (Non-Medical, residing in Hong Kong) - Treasurer

4. FAN Ning (Medical, residing in Hong Kong)

5. Marlene LEE (Medical, residing in Singapore)


Resigned Board Member:

1. Morpheus CAUSING

2. Yvonne BIYO 

Continue serving Board Memers:

1. Chiels LIU Chen Kun (Medical, residing in Taiwan) - President, Mandate until 2021;

2. Alvin, TEO Kuo Jing (Medical, residing in Cambodia) - Mandate until 2021;

3. Nason, TAN Day Seng (Medical, residing in Malaysia) - Mandate until 2020


List of ex-officio members of the board (Non-voting members)


2. Benoit DE GRYSE (OCA)

3. Alberto ZERBONI (OCB)

Each member is entitled to elect up to 6 candidates from the following list of candidates:

Board Candidates: 

1. SweetC, ALIPON (Medical, residing in the Phillipines)

Check out SweetC's CV and Letter of Motivation here.

2. Kenneth, CHAN ShutWah (Medical, residing in Hong Kong)

Check out Kenneth's CV and Letter of Motivation here

3. Catharina, COPPENS (Non-Medical, residing in Amsterdam)

Check out Catharina's CV and Letter of Motivation here.

4. Marlene, LEE (Medical, residing in Singapore)

Check out Marlene's CV and Letter of Motivation here.

5. Wilson, LI (Medical, residing in Hong Kong)

Check out Wilson's CV and Letter of Motivation here.

6. Sartini, SAMAN (Medical, residing in Indonesia)

Check out Sartini's CV and Letter of Motivation here.

7. Veronica, VENTURA (Medical, residing in Singapore) - WITHDRAWN

By: Ka Wing Chan