Board of Directors

The Board of MSF-HK is the decision-making and representative body. The members of the MSF-HK association elect the Board. The major purpose of the Board is to act as supervisory to the executive management and the Board’s overall task is to safeguard MSF’s strategy and identity. The MSF-HK Board currently consists of 13 members, with 9 of them are elected by the association members. The remaining 4 are non-elected members, who are appointed by the Board. The non-elected members carry no voting right for decision making.
The Board usually meets once a month and most of the meetings are open meetings and all members are welcome to join. Agenda (with Skype link to join) and minutes of the Board meetings are posted on the Association website (Under 'Board Meetings' on
You can read the Roles and Responsiblities of our President, Vice President, Treasurer & Board Members in the documents below.

MSF Hong Kong Board 2020/2021 

President (IGA Rep) - Kenneth CHAN (medical)
Vice President (Treasurer & IGA Rep) - Alvin TEO (medical)
Vice President - Chiels LIU (medical)
OCB Rep - Katrien COPPENS (non-medical)


Regular Board Member 

Shannon CHAN (medical)

Wilson LI (medical)

Karin MOORHOUSE (non-medical)

List of ex-officio members of the board (non-voting members)



Within the MSFHK Directors' Board, from time to time, we have formed committees on ad hoc basis to spearhead a certain issue for efficiency or requirement of specific skills and knowledge to enable such.

Associative Life Working Group (ALWG) & Motion Committee (Full info on the committee here)

Shannon CHAN
Wilson LI
Chiels LIU

Alvin TEO

Finance, Audit and Risk Committee (FARC)

SEEAP Committee

Crisis Support Committee (temporary)

By: Wai Wai Lui