Brainstorming on association

The future of MSF as an association

Given the desire to move to inter-OC logic for decision-making, how should OC groups view themselves in the future? Which of the various sectional and associative activities within an OC group really contribute to the improvement/efficiency of the operations? How can we make those accessible to a larger number, can we regionalise some of these events?

As OCB members at this GAthering, how can we further improve our own associative value to OCB and therefore to MSF as a whole and what can we offer as ways forward for the associative within the OCB and the movement?

Chairs: Stéphane Goriely and Rachel Kiddell Monroe


Question 1: What is the future of an operational group and its corresponding associations?

Question 2: What is the added value for our operations of being a group made of many associations?

Wrap up:


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By: Göran Svedin