Candidates to the IB

This year, the IGA will elect three International Board members. Applications closed on September 6th, 2020. 

After careful review of all applications, the Nominations Committee* validated nine candidates of which 8 remain: 

Chanjiv Mehta Singh
Deane Marchbein
Fatouma Mabeye
Javier Martinez
Luis Encinas
Maxime Stenuit
Parthesarathy Rajendran
Samuel Bumicho

Duccio Staderini (withdrawn)

Eight candidates are running, whose profiles you can now discover on the Souk (Login: msf; Password: asso).

You will be able to ask them questions on Fluicity, before the pre-IGA webinar with candidates that will take place on 22 October.

*In 2020 the Nominations Committee, it is composed of: Reinhard Doerflinger (IGA rep, MSF Austria), Yuko Nakajima (IGA rep, MSF Japan), Ankhasanamen Sow (IGA rep, MSF MWA), Philip Sacks (as the Governance Working Group link; IGA rep, MSF USA), Habiba Ali Amin (IB member), Paul Yon (International Association coordinator), Hélène Ponpon and Irisa Wassmer (International Associative Team). Do not hesitate to contact the Committee at





On behalf of the IB Nominations Committee, we would like to remind you that the deadline to send applications to the International Board is coming up at the end of next week, on Sunday September 6th !

Every year, the MSF International General Assembly elects International Board (IB) members. In 2020, three seats are open, as Ingrid Johansen and Pete Buth’s 3-year terms come to an end and Bruce Lampard took the decision to end his mandate one year early. 

As Bruce writes, “After careful consideration with my family, I am submitting my resignation from the IB, effective at this year's IGA.  I will be stepping down one year early.  This is for personal family reasons, exacerbated by the impact of the COVID pandemic.  […]

I have always believed that the personal relationships we form in our work with MSF make it even more rewarding.  My time on the IB has been no different, and I will greatly miss working with this incredible group of people.  That said, I am pleased with the strategic directions we are embarking on in MSF, and will follow all of this closely as an Association member in MSF Canada.”

Do you have questions? The Nominations Committee is available to provide information and guidance to potential candidates. In 2020, it is composed of: Reinhard Doerflinger (IGA rep, MSF Austria), Yuko Nakajima (IGA rep, MSF Japan), Ankhasanamen Sow (IGA rep, MSF MWA), Philip Sacks (as the Governance Working Group link; IGA rep, MSF USA), Habiba Ali Amin (IB member), Paul Yon (International Association coordinator), Hélène Ponpon and Irisa Wassmer (International Associative Team). You can contact the Committee at

The application deadline is September 6th, 2020.


2020 Call for candidates to the International Board

If you are looking for another interesting way to actively participate in the international governance of Médecins Sans Frontières and you meet the criteria described below, we encourage you to send your application for the IB positions. We need an IB that embraces and represents the great diversity already existing within our organisation. We therefore encourage people from diverse backgrounds to apply to increase our range of voices in the IB.

We are looking forward hearing from you soon.


MSF International is the association, registered in Switzerland, which safeguards the identity of the movement and makes movement-wide decisions for MSF. The International Board (IB) is the board of this association. It acts on behalf of and is accountable to the International General Assembly (IGA). As the highest associative governance body of MSF, the IGA delegates duties to the IB, as defined in the Statutes of the Association.

The IGA meets once per year for discussions and deliberations and to give direction to the movement, whereas the IB meets about 10 times a year (four face-to-face and six times on Videoconference). The IB provides guidance for the movement, promotes executive and medical leadership, and supports innovative implementation of MSF’s social mission.

The IB has specific powers including: ensuring accountability for the implementation of IGA decisions; resolving conflicts within MSF; sanctioning Members; opening and closing executive entities; developing a Vision for MSF; approving and expelling individual members; and making specific recommendations to the IGA (on new associations and admission of Institutional Members, for example).

Regarding the executive, the IB appoints the Secretary General, who in turn manages the International Office. The IB is also the associative body to which the ExCom (the body made up the General Directors) is accountable, for issues such as ensuring timely advocacy; efficient operational support and effective deployment of field resources; and avoiding duplication.

The IB can be directive but it is intended to have mainly a guiding role, ensuring accountability and resolving blockages within the movement in a timely manner.


The IB comprises 12 voting members:

  • The International President
  • One representative of each Operational Directorate (a president or another board member)
  • Six members (the number of representatives of the OCs plus one) elected by the IGA. Two thirds of the IB members must have a medical background.

An IB Vice President is elected by the IB from among the IB members.

The IB is entitled to appoint additional members for specific capacities to ensure the good functioning of the IB. The Treasurer is currently appointed by the IB and is therefore non-voting. In 2019 the IB co-opted a second IB member to proactively increase its diversity.


  • Voting IB Members are elected by the International General Assembly
  • The Nominations Committee shall ensure communication and oversee the process of gathering candidates and the election process.
  • Candidates to the election must submit a letter of motivation, a signed application form approved by the International Board Search Committee and supporting documents, no later than 60 days before the date of the meeting of the International General Assembly, unless granted an exception by the International Board Search Committee.
  • A compilation of the documents submitted by the candidates shall be provided to all Members 30 days before the meeting of the International General Assembly, accompanied by information from the Nominations Committee.
  • A clearly articulated and understood Single Transferable Voting System will be used for the elections.


MSF International shall cover travel and accommodation expenses to the IGA and one trip to an annual general meeting for those IB candidates who

  • Meet the criteria as defined and assessed by the IB Search Committee and
  • Do not have the support of a section to travel to attend these events. Travel expenses herby covered shall be presented and justified for by the IB candidates to the International Office via the International Association Coordinator.


  • International Board Members can be compensated for the performance of their off ice up to a maximum of 20 hours per week.
  • If members of the International Board are already compensated for time spent on duties of the Association or its Institutional Members, only the difference between the amounts they are receiving and the maximum of 20 hours per week will be compensated.
  • Any contrary requirements or conditions set by applicable tax law or the competent tax authority will take precedence over these Internal Rules.


Pursuant to article 15.8 of the International Statutes, International Board members may accept field assignments under the following conditions:

  1. “field work” or “field assignment” shall be read and construed as work carried out in an operational project under an expatriate or volunteer contract; and
  2. International Board members may accept field assignments within the limit of 2 months during any given 12 months period, or he/she should resign from his/her office.

Moreover, it is understood that:

  1. The International Board members will not be allowed to vote during the field assignment;
  2. The International Board shall manage the absence of its members to meet workload and quorum requirements, and International Board members shall accept such constraints, and
  3. While carrying out field work, International Board members should not benefit from their compensation at the same time as their field compensation and shall relinquish either one of them for the duration of the field assignment.


The 2014 IGA agreed to interpret the selection criteria for the IB candidates as follows:

  1. senior MSF management experience in Operational Projects: five or more years at Head of Mission or Medical Coordinator level and above – meaning desk/cell managers, medical people in the desks/cells; Directors of Operations etc.
  2. senior MSF executive experience in an office: five or more years heading a department in an office – General Directors, Finance / HR / Fundraising / Communications / Marketing Managers
  3. significant experience on a Board: more than one term on a Board or having been President or Vice President of a board.

If a candidate has experience in more than one of these criteria, the IBSC will use a lower threshold for each criterion, e.g. senior/significant = three years rather than five, one term on a Board rather than more than one term.


Candidates for election to the role of IB member must submit a signed application form, a letter of motivation, a resume and supporting documents to the Nominations Committee. The deadline for application is September 6th, 2020.

Applications should be sent to

Applications will be assessed by the Nominations Committee according to the criteria listed above, and candidates who fulfil those criteria will proceed.

Applications that proceed are public and will be advertised on the Souk, Fluicity and other MSF associative websites. A compilation of the application documents will be made public to all MSF members by October 6th, 2020.

IB candidates must commit to take part in the public election process that will take place in the period leading up to the 2020 IGA which will be held online on November 5 & 6. This means being available for answering questions and engaging in discussions with the Nominations Committee, MSF members and IGA representatives before and during the IGA.

If you would like to know more about the profile required, or about what this position entails, please con-tact the Nominations Committee at the following email address:



More relevant documentation can be found on the Souk Website ( ; login: msf; password: asso)




By: Sophie Guillaumie