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“The Corona-virus pandemic has suddenly and drastically changed our ways of living, brought a sense of uncertainty and multiple challenges to organize our daily lives and work.

While feeling worried and anxious are normal reactions to extra-ordinary situations, it is essential to put into place self-care and team-care habits which will boost our resilience. These will enable us to meet our physiological needs, regain necessary sense of control and strengthen peer support against isolation.

Activities, routines and structure give the day shape and predictability, and discourage helplessness. In an uncertain situation, it provides stability and security, contributes to order and  structure”.


Coping with Corona Virus - 3 ways to keep calm

3 façons de rester calme









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How to nurture wellbeing -  and stay productive during Covid19: 
This unique document  has been written especially for you and your team by the Staff Health Unit. It is filled with good tips and tricks!


  • Self care to stay healthy while teleworking;
  • Self care tips;
  • How to care of your team while teleworking,
  • How to stay productive as a team while teleworking. 

How to maintain your mental health in the field during COVID 19 
In this document prepared for you by the OCB  Staff Health Unit, you will find sets of recommendations to foster individual & team resilience,targeted to different MSF staff groups:
- All MSF field staff in general
- MSF staff responding to the COVID-19 outbreak
- Team managers and supervisors
- MSF staff away from home during pandemic times
- MSF staff in confinement or quarantine
 There is also a very practical toolbox with self-care and team-care exercises

"Feelings of stress & concern are very natural human reactions to this unusual COvid situation.
Considering this global distress, we need to take good care of our mental health.
It’s our intention, through this document, to support you during this adaptation process and to help you finding ways to cope with distress & uncertainty.


Coaching and mentoring

The Mentoring & Coaching Hub is offering ‘short-term coaching’ to support MSF staff experiencing an increased challenge in their work and/or work-life balance in these Covid times.





By: Sophie Guillaumie