Connecting Field Associations

Many associative activities in the field has been on hold for the past months. Many missions got interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic somewhere in between pre-FADs in the projects and the intersectional FAD. But things didn’t stop, and now is the time to start the planning for the associative life in the field for the coming year(s).

To stimulate this, asso focal points from Burundi, Mali and DRC got together in a French speaking web-meeting to exchange ideas and experiences and Bangladesh, Kenya and Venezuela met up and did the same but in English.

Some of the activities discussed:

Covid-19: In Kinshasa / DRC the association together with the coordination is launching focus group discussions in vulnerable communities to better understand peoples believes and perceptions around this virus. From there they will then develop targeted messages and activities in support of these communities.

In Kenya, the members together with the regional East Africa association has been giving support to health workers in Kibera where OCB used to run a hospital project in the past, and they assess needs in other slum-areas where there are many Covid-19 cases.

In Mali, the association drove all the way to Zorokoro in support to the local organization ACFA who works with vulnerable children and donated 100 face masks, 100 pieces of hand soaps, and 4 hand-washing kits.

In Venezuela the last edition of their internal newsletter focused on how the teams share stories on how this pandemic has impacted on their lives.

In Burundi, the association has developed a special communication strategy on Covid-19 prevention with asso Covid-19 focal points in each department of each MSF project of the mission. The objective is to contribute to the transfer of information to MSF staff, and through them reach the community (friends, families, theater groups, our choirs, churches, mosques, etc.).

In attachment above you can also read a summary about upcoming Asso Activities linked to Covid in Southern Africa.

Blood donation day: The association in the project in Niono in Mali organised a caravan to raise awareness in community. The activity was done in partnership with local associations and the plan is to repeat this activity every second or third month.

In Goma in DRC a similar activity was done in partnership with the MoH and the association focused on sensitization of community leaders so that they can set the example and motivate people to donate.

Check the Blood donation toolkit

We encourage you to start you associative planning in the projects and the missions. Don't hesitate to contact the asso-team in Brussels if you need support or want to exchange ideas with other missions.

And don't forget to continue sharing information and pictures on your activities!


By: Göran Svedin