Contact Newsletter

The internal newsletter of the OCB

“Contact” is a platform for debate and information intended for the members of the association and its field personnel. The texts published reflect the views of their authors and do not represent the Médecins Sans Frontières organisation. The texts relating to the MS F-Belgium association (Board of Directors, etc.) are published in French, Dutch and English. Given the forty or so nationalities represented in the field, most operational articles and OCB texts are published in French and English versions.

Read the latest Contact (#151 November - December 2020): 

OPS - Lebanon, Greece, Brazil, DRC, South Africa PHOTO REPORT - BAMENDA, A hospital in the thick of the crisis in north-west Cameroon MEDICAL - Women and girls face greater dangers during COVID-19 pandemic GD - A point on the field recentralization HR-LEARNING - Tembo ASSOCIATIONDiscrimination and racism within MSF-OCB ... And much more!
OPS - Liban, Grèce, Brésil, RDC, Afrique du sud REPORTAGE PHOTO - BAMENDA, Un hôpital au coeur de la crise du Nord-Ouest du Cameroun MEDICAL -  Les femmes et les adolescentes sont confrontées à de plus grands dangers pendant la pandémie de COVID-19 DG - Un point sur la « Field Recentralisation » ASSOCIATIFDiscrimination et racisme au sein de MSF-OCB... Et encore plus!

Here below you will find the complete collection of Contact newsletters, from the very first in 1991 up till today.

By: Göran Svedin