OCB members Contributions

Un prisme différent ou de la pureté de l’immobilisme, by Jean-Paul Jemmy, OCB Board member

I am black and I too am MSF, by Agnes Musonda, MSF SA President

Where am I? With Who? by Jackson K. P Naimah, OCB Board member

Response to the Open letter on racism within MSF Brazil, from the Board and management team

Open letter on racism within MSF Brazil
The MSF Brazil association shared this open letter written by members about racism in Brazil.

MSF still has a racism problem, by Jonathan Whittall

Letter to the CoDir

Let us in! It is 2020: Reflections on racism and discrimination in MSF, by Karsten Noko, FieldCo in South Sudan, and Nitin George, June 2020


OCB Board and executive Contributions

Next steps anti-racism, by Meinie Nicolai

Addressing Racism in OCB, by Meinie and the Codir

OCB Board minutes and recording, here


BLM, recognise the truth, listen and act, By Christos Christou and Samuel Bumicho, Members of the People Standing Committee of the International Board.


Other Contributions to the debate

It's not Ok, so let's plant a tree, Charity Kamau is an MSF lab advisor. Arunn Jegan is an MSF country director.

A reflection on systematic inequality, racism, and what it means for each of us, By Javid Abdelmoneim, President of MSF UK.

De l'inertie bureaucratique à la "fragilité pooitique" - Une interview de Jean-Hervé Bradol dans Le Souk

WaCA et le débat MSF #BLM

Reflections on structural racism within MSF, by Christiane Essombe, MSF Canada EDI Officer on behalf of MSF Canada EDI Committee; Casey O’Connor and Michelle Bravo, MSF USA DEI Council Co-Chairs on behalf of MSF USA DEI Council

We need a new table and new language, by Adrio Bacchetta, MSFHK Board member

About Racism: A message from OCBA Management Team and MSF Spain Board of Directors

Beyond words to anti-racism action, Open letter from the "Decolonising MSF" group
For the attention of MSF's international president, all general directors, all board members, all departmental directors and senior managers.

A message from Africa Stewart, MSF USA President

“Nationals” and “expatriates”: challenges of fulfilling“sans frontières” (“without borders”) ideals in international humanitarian action, Health and Human rights in practiceby Olga Shevchenko and Renée C. Fox


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By: Sophie Guillaumie