COVID Special

Dear fellow MSFers,

First of all, we would like to express our solidarity with those affected by the Covid-19 crisis, especially with all the healthcare workers who are working extremely hard to respond to this unprecedented and very challenging situation.

The operations are facing big challenges, either directly facing the Covid-19 pandemic in the missions, or due to travel, supply and other restrictions. The main focus of MSF right now is of course to overcome these challenges and to be able to ensure the functioning and support of the ongoing operations, as well as to respond to new situations. All this in a situation where a significant proportion of the staff of the OCB HQ and the sections is confined and working from home.

MSF believes that with its experience and capacity it can contribute to the management of the epidemic in Europe. Therefore, many sections are busy meeting the requests for support from their governments. In Belgium, Bertrand (our president) is heading a special task force. As soon as MSF receives the necessary authorizations, activities will be launched to support the vulnerable populations and the Belgian health structures. For this reason, in the coming days/weeks we might approach our associate members to ask them for their support.

The crisis also impacts our associative life. Many trainings, events and face-to face meetings are being postponed or cancelled. This is true for the Field Associative Debates in many missions - including the mini-AG that was to take place in Brussels on March 27 - and some reshaping or rescheduling of the General Assemblies in MSF sections cannot be excluded.

In this COVID Special Corner, we will  provide you regular information and links to informations on how things evolve on the associative side, on the MSF Operations linked to Corona, Internal and external resources about the epidemic, how to care about yourself and the ones surrounding you, latest news ...


Stay tuned!

Take care of yourself and you families !

The asso team in Brussels



By: Sophie Guillaumie