Debate on migration

Presentation & Diaporama
Migration - Invisible suffering

OCB has decided to invest in care for migrants and asylum seekers both on the migration route and their arrival in Europe. Different operational models are being implemented in the Mediterranean region, focusing on the medical and humanitarian consequences of restrictive migration policies, like systematic and indiscriminate detention, border closure and externalisation of border control. If the focus today is clear when addressing the needs of people stranded in transit countries or upon arrival in Southern Europe, we don’t have yet any responses to address the needs of those returned to countries where their access to health care is in jeopardy. An overview of our activities and position will be presented with focus on transit and destination countries.

Is there a role for MSF in ensuring continuity of care in the context of rejection or forced returns?

Chairs: Line Arnould and Amine Dahmane
Panel: Dr Demeester, Emmanuel Moncada and Aurélie Ponthieu
Debate on migration Part 1

Debate on migration Part 2


By: Göran Svedin