Emal Zamani (d.12 the Dec 2013)

In Memorial of Emal Zamani

"It is a great sadness for us to know about the death of Emal Zamani who passed away on 12th of December 2013 in a car accident near Kabul. Emal started to work with MSF as Supply Officer from January 2012 and had always been one of the key and the most committed members of the Kabul coordination team.He has wife and two children. We all will be missing him and our sincere condolences are for his family and friends." MSF Kabul team 

"Emal was an interesting and smiling person and he was always peaceful and open-minded in all kinds of subjects. It was a pleasure to work in his company. His support to our job was more than appreciating and we will keep in our mind those simple moments we shared together and that made us happy".

Antoine Segui, Supply Team Leader,  Afghanistan mission

"I was extremely shocked and saddened to hear the tragic news about traffic incident to Emal, our Supply Officer. I was shocked with profound feeling of loss and griefe to accept that Emal had passed away. I had worked with Emal for 9 months, since March until December 2013. He was one of our great team members. Emal was really friendly and open-minded. Even if he had been sharing with me how hard it is to live in Afghanistan, he was also sharing with me lots of jokes. We could talk as close friends about many issues and he showed his pictures of the activities he was interested in. This is really sad and a great loss indeed. He will be greatly missed. On behalf of Supply team in Afghanistan, let me extend sincere condolences and deepest sympathy to Emal's family."

Yones Mangiri, Supply Coordinator, Afghanistan mission

"In the difficult moments after the death of Emal we see the team stand solid together, overcoming their daily issues and uniting themselves. It's also at moments like this that the MSF-style makes a difference, when it shows that even beneath the hardened "8 to 5'er" there is a common cause. Today, this cause of getting medical care to Afghans is translated into getting the support to Emal’s family. Emal, being one of our most committed staff, we find this very fitting. In this hard time, the family already expressed its very strong appreciation for the continued presence of Emal’s colleagues. Since, his daily absence from work is deeply felt by his colleagues, leaving a void nobody can fill".

Benoit De Gryse (HoM) & the coordination team, Afghanistan mission

A man remembered, never dies, his loving memories give him eternal life

Emal isn’t any more in our team (Supply), the sweet and unforgettable memories he left us, like his patience, good morale, politeness, honesty and valiancy is still alive. His image will always be in our minds and eyes and will give us the sense that he is still alive.His sweet memories and stories are every day repeated in our team, and one of his slogans which we will never forget is “finish the work”.

We wish strength for his family and may Almighty Allah dwell him in paradise. 


Supply Team, Kabul Coordination, Afghanistan

By: Association Intern