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EMBARK ON ... THE NEXT CHAPTER: becoming the MSF we want to be!

In 2018 the International Board issued the Call for Change, a document aimed at providing the movement food for thought and hopefully, some inspiration and guidance on how best we should evolve and what responsible growth should look like.

Today, we are opening a new page, a new phase, towards becoming the MSF we want to be - the MSF we need to be to continue serving patients and communities the best we can in the future. Today, we are writing our Next Chapter.

  What is the next chapter about?
  Initial material to start the discussion (document, video, comic! )
  What can you do?
  What will happen?


The Next Chapter is a process meant to reflect on the MSF we want to be in the future. 

This is of course not the first time MSF needs to reflect on its evolution: as a matter of fact, this is something we have been doing regularly over our almost 50 years of existence. The Next Chapter is another step in that direction, aimed at answering the following: how is and should our humanitarian medical association evolve to respond to both internal and external pressures and challenges?

It will be a consultative process, in which every MSFer can have a voice - in the field, headquarters and offices, whether a member or a staff member. The discussions you will have in the coming months will feed into next IGA's debates (2020), leading to a concluding discussion at the 2021 IGA.



The IB, as requested by the International General Assembly, has reflected on managing our growth and is today making a proposal meant to provoke reflection across the Movement.

This Next Chapter is not a blueprint, strategic proposal nor policy document of any type; nor is it proposing any definite solution.

It is a document to provoke reaction and reflection. It is to make us challenge our status quo and get us thinking outside the box.

"The purpose is to open a dynamic, Movement-wide discussion, from which we will be able to get ideas in support of strategic change that will make our institutional organisation better suited to support humanitarian medical action for our immediate future".

DOWNLOAD "The Next Chapter" initial document
In English - In French - In Spanish - In Arabic


Download the Video in English - in French - in Spanish


Download the comic in English - high res (7Mb); low res (1Mb)
Download the comic in Spanish - high res (7Mb); low res (1Mb)
Download the comic in French - high res (7Mb); low res (1Mb)
Download the comic in Arabic - high res (7Mb); low res (1MB)







The Next Chapter is a movement-wide, consultative project: join the conversation!

As of December, a toolkit in several languages will be available to facilitate your discussions wherever you are: different tools, methodologies and activities will be at your disposal, to help you organise your own reflections.

Feel free to use it in your office, mission, project meetings, your associative gatherings, including your FADs, pre FADs, General Assemblies, or any other opportunity!


The outputs of all your discussions, reflections, interrogations (and possibly counterproposals!) will be shared on this website, to inform each other's reflections. They will then be analysed to feed into the 2020 International General Assembly taking place from 25 to 27 June 2020 in Berlin.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!!!



By: Sophie Guillaumie