Emergency Deployment

Debate held at the 2019 OCB Gathering. Continue to share your ideas !

Emergency deployment is core to MSF identity; however, we are witnessing a reduction of OCB Emergency Pool (ePool) activities over the past three years.
That striking fact leads to and internal review process. The conversation would be enriched by the proposed debate.

Emergency deployment is not ePool sole responsibility.
What OCB needs to do not to lose it soul?

Landscape is changing and humanitarian needs typology evolve.
OCB has a proven record of being adaptive, pertinent, proactive and efficacious. What has change?    

To understand why our emergency deployment shrunk, we would like to explore questions like:

  • Are they less emergency needs around us or are we less responsive?
  • What in the current models or modalities need to be adapted?   
  • Are we still adapted to tackle humanitarian emergencies in the changing environment?
  • Do our Emergency Pool term of references need to be review?




Outcome of the debate in EN et FR
Conclusions du débat par - Alexandre Liebeskind (OCB Board member)

Outline of the debate and panel

The debate would be a mix of panel contribution, enhanced by colleagues “temoignages” to bring some recent field perspective to the exchange.


  • Brice de le Vigne -   Programme Manager for emergency operations, WHO EMRO
  • Marie-Christine Férir – Emergency Pool Coordinator, OCB
  • Mario Stephan

Moderator: Jean-Paul JEMMY


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By: Sophie Guillaumie