Esther M. Blibo (2012)

Esther Blibo joined the MS F/B family as a Certified Midwife in 1992 where she worked on the OB/GYN Ward at the Swedrelief Hospital. By 1995 she was promoted to the position of supervisor of the same ward due to her hard  work and devotion to the job, this position she occupied till the hospital was closed in 1998.

During the years above she did not only work to be paid, she worked as a humanitarian as she was concerned about the welfare of the mothers and children in the prenatal, labour, delivery and postnatal
services. She was also involved in the training of the staff with whom she worked.

While serving as a supervisor she made herself available to work as long as possible, even when staff did not show up for work Esther was willing to stay. By 1999 she joined the MS F/B family again at the Redemption Hospital in the position of a Certified Midwife as an incentive staff performing her task as a humanitarian worker.

2010 she joined the MS F/B SGBV team as one of the nurse counsellors where she provided counselling for sexual violence survivors.

She will be remembered and missed by both staff and survivors for her tireless efforts, her dedicated work and her concern for all.

Martha Janafo Dennis,
Deputy Medical Coordinator, OCB Liberia.

(... from CONTACT No.117)

By: Rebecca Cederholm