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In 2006, at the landmark La Mancha meeting, MSF agreed to seek active transparency and accountability to improve the relevance, effectiveness and quality of its interventions. The result has been an increased investment in developing evaluation capacity in the organization.  OCB has invested, with the key support of MSF Sweden, in the Stockholm Evaluation Unit to develop evaluation capacities in direct support to our operations. This capacity should be seen first and foremost as a direct support to field teams and support teams in HQ to learn from our practices and to improve the quality and pertinence of our operational/medical intervention.

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  • Why we evaluate
  • What is evaluation for OCB
  • What isn't evaluation
  • How do we evaluate and use evaluations?
  • What we want to evaluate and when, focus areas

And come or connect to the OCB Board in January to have an update from the unit and a discussion on main findings from recent evaluations !



By: Rebecca Cederholm