Evaluations 2019

MSF Sweden Pediatric Days (by: Nicole Henze), January 2019

The Paediatric Days have been held only twice so far, 2016 in Stockholm and in Dakar in 2017. A third edition is planned for April 2019, again in Stockholm. The event is an international MSF event for MSF Headquarter and field staff of all Operational Centres, academic researchers, partners like Ministry of Health and other agencies; all sharing an interest in improving humanitarian paediatrics. It is organized jointly by MSF Sweden and OCBA in cooperation with the MSF International Paediatric Working Group. This evaluation assessed both editions of the Paediatric Days against general evaluation criteria aiming to describe potential improvements of preparations and management of the Paediatric Days as well identifying opportunities for additional efforts to refine and fulfil the Paediatric Days’ objectives. The evaluation collected, reviewed and analysed primary and secondary data. Primary data was collected through 56 semi-structured in-depth interviews with 48 key stakeholders selected according to their roles in relation to the Paediatric Days and paediatric field programmes and an online survey of all participants (103 responses/32% response rate). Secondary data reviewed were for example Paediatric Day reports, videos, meeting minutes, budgets, governance documents. Primary data was triangulated with secondary data and between interviewees and online respondents. The evaluation findings are limited by the low response and availability rate of Paediatric Advisors (50%) and stakeholders that have previously not directly been involved with the Paediatric Days (23%); creating a lack of perspective on the Paediatric Days from non-participants and those who manage and support paediatric programme components in MSF. 

By: Rebecca Cederholm