Terms of Reference

Updated December 2016

International FAD Associates (formerly International visitors) are people external to the mission travelling to a FAD to support with the organisation, animation and follow-up of the FADs. FAD Associates are mainly board members/International General Assembly Reps and Association Coordinators/Officers. 
Please note: Attendance to a FAD comes with a number of responsibilities. FAD Associates should participate in a FAD only if they have the time and capacity and can commit to fulfil those responsibilities, and if they are able to speak the language used at the FAD at adequate level.
The role of FAD Associates is to support the mission in organising the FAD; engaging members in discussions about Associative life in the field; connecting field staff to MSF’s global perspective, strategic ambitions and challenges at the wider level; informing field colleagues about the work of the board(s); and listening to the concerns and suggestions of field teams so as to be able to convey those ideas back to the association. 
FAD Associates should engage with the mission(s) before, during and after the FAD and accompany field teams during the whole process (from topic development to providing feedback to the field). 
If several FAD Associates are to attend the same FAD, they should coordinate their tasks and responsibilities with each other at each stage of the FAD preparation, animation and follow-up etc. of the FAD (see below), and liaise with the team organising the FAD in the field well in advance.
Specific responsibilities include:

Before the FAD: 

  •  Discuss with the Association team of their association to get briefed on the latest developments regarding FADs, motions, Associative life in the field and any issue on the board’s agenda. 
  • Support the mission(s) in preparing the agenda and framing the topic
  • Prepare to engage in discussions by getting up to date both on the context of the mission and on the specific topic(s) to be discussed. 
  • Get briefed on the context of operations and any security measures by the relevant operational cell/desk.
  • Connect with other international associates and FAD organisers in the field to start preparing the FAD ahead of time and possibly divide tasks. 
  • Get a thorough understanding of the motions process and guidelines. 
  • Review the outcomes of the previous FADs and get prepared to feedback the local teams, connecting as necessary with previous FAD Associates to get updated on the follow up given to the last FAD. As much as possible, in places where there is no FAD associate from each of the OCs working in the country, other FAD associate(s) should try to provide feedback on behalf of the other OC(s). 
  • Be prepared to facilitate and animate discussions.
  • Recognising that FADs are the key moment in ongoing associative life in the field, engage in discussions with members about associative activities they could organise themselves throughout the year.'

During the FAD: 

  • Explain and present the work of the board(s).  
  • Feedback/follow-up on past FADs (conclusions and motions) if any, from an intersectional point of view. 
  • Participate in discussions to contribute to quality debates and present the work of MSF globally.
  • Dynamically facilitate and animate discussions.
  • Help to phrase motions if they come up (see motions guidelines/toolkit). FAD Associates should not be pushing for motions if they do not emanate from the field.
  • Discuss with the field coordination team about the FAD conclusions that concern the mission and how to follow up on these at field level. 

 After the FAD

  •  Present the outcomes of the FAD at their board meeting/GA and/or at the GA of an OC.  
  • Help ensure that conclusions and potential motions/recommendations are directed to the appropriate forum (mission/ section/operational centre), with the support of the Association Coordinator if necessary (more information in the motions guidelines). 
  • Feedback the field on any specific results and follow-up, including outcome of the GA and motions if any. 
  • Connect with the Associative Team to feedback on Associative Life in the mission and share impressions and suggestions.  
  • FAD Associates can be in charge of compiling the FAD report, depending on the needs of the mission. 
  • FAD Associates should let their association coordinators know as soon as possible about their interest in participating in a FAD and dates of availability, and set as early as possible specific time for a briefing with 


By: Anna Borg