"First Mission" Campaign in Belgium

See the Movie

This summer (2012) MSF launched a visibility/branding campaign in Belgium called “First Mission”, targeting young people (20-25 years old) as future/potential donors and volunteers.

This campaign will be running for 6 months in Belgium: the first part took place at music festivals this summer, and allowed visitors to "be" an MSF for a moment and share this experience on Facebook. The second part takes place this autumn in high schools and universities, with debates organized after the screening of a 20 minutes documentary (shot last April in Haiti), highlighting the work of 4 (young) first missions (surgeon, nurse, logistician, medical doctor).

You can see the documentery (in French and Dutch only) by clicking on the link here beside. You can also visit the campaign website: www.firstmission.be


By: Göran Svedin