Framing a debate

Choosing and framing a topic


Or how to promote the freedom of expression !

  • Be aware of sources of information (trends and themes on asso websites, OCB and international webistes)
  • Solicit interlocutors and ask for their support: cc. what is discussed and what is alive in their own mission, own project at the level of Operations (link with APPLe).
    Ask questions, find allies to organize, to present, to participate.
  • Problematise the subject and formulate the title of the debate:
    Refine / define the question by asking as many questions as possible to different people. 
  • Clarify the use of the debate. The objective.
  • Announce what will result from it. What will be the use of it? (no false expectations).
    • Exchange of ideas,
    • Help to build a reflection,
    • Find solutions and make proposals,
    • Improve the life of one's life. team, …
  • List of topics with an explanatory paragraph to give ideas, to choose, but especially …
  • Open the door to suggestions: poll: Idea box, mail, …
  • Communicate the agenda the objective, expected results of the debate clearly and in an attractive way
  • Involve experts, moderators


By: Sophie Guillaumie