GA 2020 (Oslo)

Dear Association,

The MSF Norway General Assembly 2020 was held online on Saturday 9th May 2020. We hope you all enjoyed this year's GA from the comfort of your own homes, and we are excited to share the outcomes with you in this newsletter.  

We are quite pleased with how the 2020 GA worked out, seeing as it was our first time hosting one remotely. However, we need your feedback in order to knowwhat we should improve and what should remain the same for future GAs, so please fill out the evaluation form below.

Evaluation form for those who attended
Evaluation form for those who did not attend

We highly appreciate your feedback!

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to the GA, and to all of the Asso members who followed the GA live, asked questions, and used their voting rights. 

Stay tuned for more information regarding the debate-aspect of the GA, which will hopefully take place in the course of Fall 2020.

GA Information
By: MSF Norway Association