Galaleldin Mohamed Siddig Kardaman (d. December 19, 2011)

Dear colleagues and friends,

Our colleague Galaleldin Mohamed Siddig Kardaman, known as Galal, passed away on his way back from Saudi Arabia (19 December 2011).

Galal had been working for MSF-Holland for several years before he became the very first employee of OCB when the mission reopened in North-Sudan in 2004. Galal was working since then as Head of Mission assistant, for OCB then for OCG since 2010.

His social skills, his humility, his wisdom, and a particularly kind behavior made him a very appreciated colleague among all MSF employees allover Sudan. He was appreciated by MSF counterparts and authorities. Galal was also a strong believer in the MSF associative life.

Galal was fighting since a couple of years against a long disease, full of hope, and despite a more and more fragile health, keeping a strong motivation in what MSF could achieve to alleviate the suffering of Sudanese people.

All our thoughts are joining today his beloved familly, Rehab his wife, his four children, Mohammed,
Mohad, Reinat, and Hisham.

Goodbye Galal!

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

With a heart full of agony and spirit shattered with pain, I would like to pay all of you my condolences
for the loss of our dear brother and best friend Galal Mohammed Siddig Kardaman who passed
away yesterday after a long and courageous battle against Cancer.

 I have known Galal since 2005 and like all of you, Galal to me was the raw model of someone who has a golden heart, a humanitarian soul and an amazing supportive character. For all of us he was the shoulder we cried on, the mind that gave us guidance and advice when we were confused and the lawyer that advocated for us and spoke on our behalf and for our own good when we were speechless. He shared with friendship. He tied us to him with love and affection and treated all of us not as colleagues or co-workers but as part of his family.

We all had our disagreements but we all agreed and became unified when it came to Galal. So my friends let us show him the love, respect and gratitude he deserve by honoring his memory though preserving his legacy which was to face life with a brave heart and pain with great courage. Let us dedicate ourselves to others and respect each other and have strong and high spirits and ambitions as high as the sky.Will we ever forget Galal.

I doubt as he left a permanent print and a positive impact in all our hearts. He will always be remembered with his warm cheerful smile and optimistic character that even cancer could not defeat it. So whenever his
memory touches your minds and souls kindly pray with me that may Allah bless his soul and keep him in peace.

Dr. Hanan A/Aziz Marhoum,
Med.Co. Assistant.

(... from CONTACT No.115)

By: Rebecca Cederholm