Home made protection masks


Dear asso people, dear asso committees!

We hope you are doing well in these difficult times of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Here is a file for you on the making of cloth masks with the models recommended by MSF.

Indeed, wearing a cloth mask is one of the effective strategies (*) to reduce transmission of Covid-19 (if good model, well used and washed), not excluding or reducing the other essential prevention measures.

However, there are overall supply shortages of surgical/medical masks, those should be reserved for healthcare workers and frontline workers. 

We therefore warmly suggest that you make cloth masks for yourself, your loved ones and your friends!

But also, why not set up an association activity in your project to produce cloth masks as a gesture of solidarity for your colleagues, for the people in your community?

Wearing a cloth mask is a civic act! If everybody wears a mask in public places or when social distancing cannot be respected, then we are all protected from one another’s droplets! 

MSF and each of us can contribute to promote this in every setting when feasible!

If you are in a project, contact your Project Medical Referent and/or health promotor coordinator to see how you can help and to decide together who should receive in priority the cloth masks you will have done (in case of difficulties of supply, distribution or health promotion or acceptance of cloth masks, MSF will set up an order of priority)

In this file (see red bullets above), you will find all the info and supporting material on:

  • Why cloth masks should be used, what they do and don’t do for you, who should use them and when,
  • How to use them properly so they don’t become a source of infection,
  • Models and minimum requirements they should meet
  • How to wash and store cloth masks
  • Overall documentation

To stimulate and inspire each other, we would like to have your feedback on your mask making activities.
Some of you may have already launched asso activities, on the making of masks, hand washing or other?
Send us (asso.brussels@brussels.msf.org) photos, short films or stories… They will be made available to everyone.

Anyway, we are launching the Most Beautiful Mask Contest here! Send us (asso.brussels@brussels.msf.org)

  1. a picture of you with your most beautiful cloth masks and
  2. pictures and stories of the activities that you organize or that were organized in your project around the cloth masks!

Thank you in advance for your initiatives, and your creativity around the making of masks!

If you have any questions: asso.brussels@brussels.msf.org


(*)   Currently both CDC and WHO recommend the use of cloth masks for the greater public to reduce the spread of the virus especially in areas of significant community-based transmission. It will mainly protect the others


By: Sophie Guillaumie