How do I become a member?

Why an Association?
You are important!
But how does it work?​
Membership in MSF-Sweden

Why an Association?

In 1971, a small group of doctors and journalists got together and created an association called Médecins Sans Frontières. Their aim was to provide medial care in emergency situations while having the freedom to speak out. The associative model has since become one of the core values and defining characteristics of MSF where the members - who mostly are people who have worked for the organization - constitute the legislative power. In other words, the associative model ensures that the organization is run by those who have first hand knowledge of the work of MSF. 

You are important!

Being a member means more than just paying your membership fee every year. All members of MSF have worked for MSF in some capacity and have firsthand knowledge of the humanitarian and medical challenges facing us as an organization. Use the knowledge gained from working in the field or in the office to question and challenge the Board and hold them accountable! Exercise your right to vote and to raise motions at the General Assembly!

An important member-responsibility is to elect the Board. But members do more than just elect the board - you as a member can raise issues and concerns important to you and thus help with decisions about the identity and direction of MSF, both in Norway and Sweden and around the world. In addition, as a member you are ambassador of MSF in your community. You are a vital link between the organization and the home society, by helping to explain and promote MSF’s ideals, aims and mission, as well as raising awareness of what MSF is.

In short, being a member means taking collective responsibility for MSF and we need your insights and ideas to make MSF better! 

But how does it work?

Throughout the year the Association arranges events and meetings to facilitate thinking, discussion, and decision-making. Here are some ways you can be involved (check Events and the Section News for upcoming meetings / debates / parties):

  • General Assembly - once a year, typically in May
  • TEFKAP - held once a year, rotating between Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. We are pausing the TEFKAP in 2019, but will resume it in 2020. 
  • OCB Gathering - held once a year in Brussels.  Typically in May or June. 
  • OCA Café - held once a year in Amsterdam.  Typically in September. 
  • Association evenings / debates / pub evenings - held several times a year
  • Satellite Group Meetings
  • Open Board Meetings
  • Streaming of international meetings /seminars etc
  • Field Associative Debates - For when you are in the field. Held in the spring each year
  • Presentations - Giving lectures and presentations of your field work is a great way to get involved 

To ensure that all members have the opportunity to get involved, the Board has decided to reimburse the costs of travel connected to Associative events. Contact Rebecca for more information.​

Membership in MSF-Sweden

Everyone are welcome to join the association! If you are waiting to go to the field, just started working in the office or went to the field 10 years ago; you are all welcome to join any open association event. BUT, there are some things that are reserved for paying members of the association such as voting etc. Here you have a full overview:

Anyone can join these events:

  • Association evenings / debates / pub evenings
  • Streaming of international meetings /seminars etc
  • Access to InsideOCB

These activities are only for paying members: 

  • Voting right at the General Assembly
  • Participation and voting right at the OCB Gathering, TEFKAP, and OCA Café

To become a member with voting right one of the following criteria must be fulfilled:

  • You have worked as International Staff in an Operational Project for at least six month, and/or;
  • You have completed two separate contracts as International Staff in an Operational Project, and/or;
  • You have working experience of overall one year as a locally contracted employee of the Association or any of its Institutional Members, and/or;
  • You have done unpaid work, student assistance or internship of overall two years within the Association or any of its Institutional Members.  

Some membership bullets:

Membership in the MSF Sweden Association is on a rolling basis, i.e. your membership will be valid one year from when you pay the fee.

  • The membership fee for 2019 is 300 SEK.
  • To pay the membership fee, please pay 300 SEK to our bankgiro 900-6032, make sure to mark your payment “member2019” or it will be registered as a gift.
  • Please contact Ana Chaurio if you do not have a Swedish bank account and need to pay in a different manner.
  • New memberships are approved on a monthly basis by the Board.
By: Association Intern