IGA 2020

The IGA will take place on 05-06 November 2020. It will be fully held over video conference.

Decisions will only be made during the formal IGA meeting on 5 & 6 November 2020, via electronic voting. However, in order to facilitate smooth information sharing, preliminary discussions, and informed decision-making, several pre-IGA webinars will be organised, and videos will be made available ahead of the IGA.


As we draw closer to the IGA  we will have more clarity on the session content.

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Moral Report


Candidates to the IB
This year, the IGA will elect three International Board members. Applications closed on September 6th, 2020

Check who are the 8 Candidates

If you have any questions for the IB candidates during the IB candidates webinar (22 October) you can send your questions to the Nominations Committee (via: IBsearch@msf.orgby 15 October 2020.

You can also ask the questions via Fluicity here: https://www.flui.city/home?via=52441&fbclid=IwAR0zkbd0kR3NAYMFsF_Ow40W8ek1Fv6WWNa9DZpjzgfFZDuhp0L_hlOCiIc


The IGA motion process has changed ! At the 2019 IGA, a few changes were made to the way motions can be brought to the International General Assembly (IGA). Indeed, from now on:

  • motions must be submitted 9 months prior to the IGA to the international motions committee by an MSF Association;
  • the association submitting the motion must build support around it in the run up to the IGA, and be able to identify two supporting associations by one month before the IGA.
  • the supporting associations should provide a declaration of intent to support the IB with the follow up of the motion, if the motion is approved the IGA.

IGA Representatives can still submit motions "from the floor".

Motions from General Assemblies at the 2020 IGA

Two motions, submitted last year before the 9 monthes deadline, could be discussed at the 2020 IGA if they have the support of 2 other assocaitions by 5 October: 

On IGA motions from the floor at the 2020 IGA

A cap of 2 other motions might come from IGA Reps: "from the floor".  They have to be submitted 1 week before the IGA


PRE-IGA Webinars

Considering the 2020 IGA will be held over a much shorter period of time than a traditional IGA, pre-IGA webinars will not be used only to share information but to hold a discussion. As such, they can be considered as equivalent to question and answer sessions taking place at the face-to face IGAs, and will support the votes to be held on at the online IGA. It is therefore highly important that IGA Reps (and other MSFers interested) either attend all the webinars live, or watch their recordings afterwards as there will be no further presentations or discussion for many of the votes during the IGA.

Remember you will have to register for each individual webinar to be able to attend them!

ALL THE INFO ON THE IGA (Login: msf; Password: asso)



By: Sophie Guillaumie