IGA Representatives

The International General Assembly (IGA) is the highest authority of the Association and as such is the guardian and decision-maker regarding the MSF Charter and the purpose of the Association. Accordingly, strong and meaningful participation of representatives is necessary for a well-functioning IGA and for effective governance of MSF.

MSF-Sweden has two seats in the International General Assembly (IGA), with the only requirement being that one of the members needs to be medical.
Read below to find out how we elect the Representatives in Sweden. 

MSF-Sweden: IGA Representatives election

According to the international statutes / internal rules the President of the Board is the IGA representative, currently Peter Moberger. A second representative is elected by the General Assembly every three years. Jon Gunnarsson Ruthman was elected at the GA in 2018 as IGA Representative and his mandate is until the IGA 2021.

To find out more, read the IGA Representative Term of Reference.


By: Association Intern