Imbedded Humanitarianism

Outline of the debate

Is it justified to cosy up with the coalition in Iraq and Nigeria?
In Iraq or Nigeria, armed groups like ISIS and Boko Haram reject dialogue with humanitarians. These organizations are also considered terrorist by the states opposing them. This places MSF in a counter-terrorism framework when operating in the zones controlled by the Iraqi and Nigerian armies. De facto, MSF relies on the protection of these armies for the staff and health structures it runs.
With the presence of protective armed forces around MSF structures and operations, do we need to address the challenges of an "imbedded humanitarianism"?

Pete Reed - Executive Director of Global Response Management
Karsten Noko - Advocacy Representative, MSF in Borno, Nigeria
Hosanna Fox - Consultant for Humanitarian Outcomes
Obinna Anyadike - IRIN journalist and Open Society fellow

Moderator: Michiel Hofman

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By: Sophie Guillaumie