Invitation - Program

Invitation & program

Join the 2020 International General Assembly!

"Dear all,

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to the 2020 International General Assembly.

As the world has been changing dramatically since last time we met in Dublin, and as MSF reaches 50 years as an organisation, this meeting aims to take a snapshot of our state of affairs and move faster towards those structural and cultural changes that will make us the MSF we want to be.

For obvious reasons, the IGA this year will be held online and its format needs to be adapted. The IGA itself will take place on 5 & 6 November, but a series of webinars and exchanges will precede it. We warmly invite you all to join them.

Starting in September, these online sessions will be the opportunity to present reports and discuss topics that will then be submitted to a vote during the formal IGA. You have the opportunity to join, among other sessions, webinars discussing the two new sections we may welcome in the movement, the Environmental Pact, and the Patients’ charter, not to mention the International Treasurer’s Report, the overview of our financial accounts and the Moral Report.

The formal IGA itself will consist of two distinct parts, spanning over four to six hours each. The first day will focus on fiduciary duties and decision-making, with shortened presentations of the Moral Report and the International Treasurer’s Report. These will be followed by a session with the candidates of the International Board, together with discussions on motions coming from different associative entities. The second day will be dedicated to a virtual workshop, where we consider the MSF we need to be and how to promptly make it happen.

While different, this IGA can become an opportunity for us to reinvent ourselves and the way we do things, and I hope that it will present, for the whole movement, an occasion to get together. I therefore invite you to check the information posted on the Souk, join the discussions on Fluicity, reach out to your IGA reps, participate in the IGA webinars, and let’s meet during the IGA in November!


Christos Christou

International President"

By: Sophie Guillaumie