Key Steering Documents

A vision of co-ownership and shared responsibility

The partnership between the nine MSF associations (Belgium, Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, South Africa and Brazil) running the operational centre in Brussels is based on a vision of co-ownership and shared responsibility. This partnership is built around the shared operational concerns: the social mission, the resources needed to achieve our operational plans and its governance. The main objective of the OCB social mission is the provision of humanitarian medical assistance to populations in danger in accordance with the principles of MSF as stated in the MSF Charter, the MSF Chantilly agreement, MSF Mission Statement and the La Mancha Agreement.

All OCB Board members commit to defend OCB social mission before any national or sectional consideration. All OCB Board members will strive to ensure that the actions of the OCB answer to the needs of the beneficiaries within the international MSF movement.

You are welcome to read more about the OCB Board's mandate, scope of decision making and functioning in the regulations and it's annexes.

By: Göran Svedin