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On this page you can find all of the latest news from MSF.   Here you can find Field News from each of MSF's Operational Centres, the latest News from the MSF Movement and updates from the field written by staff and patients. To read about news from the different OCB sections, just search under the country menu.  


As we believe that it's important for our staff and patients to be able to talk about their work and treatment, MSF set up an international blogging platform to do just that. Follow the links below for a deeper insight into the world of MSF.


MSF Field Blogs


Sometimes emotional, sometimes funny, yet always inspirational, our field blogs are written by a handful of our 2,000-strong field staff.


TB&ME - MSF patient blogs


Our TB&ME blog offers our TB patients across the world the chance to talk about the trials and tribulations they face as they undergo one of the toughest treatment regimens in the world.


MSF Photo Blog


Our photo blog gives you a stunning visual insight into the world of MSF, as seen through the eyes of some of our award-winning photographers.


By: Rebecca Cederholm