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30 June 2020Covid 19 MSF Update #19

17 June 2020Covid 19 MSF Update #18

4 June 2020Covid 19 MSF Update #17

28 May 2020Covid 19 MSF Update #16

20 May 2020Covid 19 MSF Update #15

14 May 2020Covid 19 MSF Update #14

7 May 2020: Covid 19 MSF Update #13

30 April 2020: Covid 19 MSF Update #12

24 April 2020Covid19 MSF Update #11

21 April 2020Covid19 MSF Update #10

17 April 2020Covid19 MSF Update #9

15 April 2020Covid19 MSF Update #8

10 April 2020Covid19 MSF Update #7

7 April 2020: Covid19 MSF Update #6

3 April 2020Covid19 MSF Update #5

31 March 2020Covid19 MSF Update #4

27 March 2020: Covid19 MSF Update #3

24 March 2020: Covid19 MSF Update #2

20 March 2020: Covid19 MSF Update #1


23 March 2020 - Message of support and gratitude from Meinie Nicolai


17/03/2020: The OCB board shared information on the situation in the different partner sections and got un update from the executive. Replay the 17/03 OCB BOARD update on COVID 19


19 March 2020: IB Times 10 - Key points IB meeting held on 18th March 2020
Yesterday on 18th March 2020, the IB held a meeting that primarily focused on our response to the developing COVID-19 pandemic. 

18 March 2020: Message from the International President: While MSF has had much occasion to use the word unprecedented for many crises we have witnessed over the years, today, I think we can use this word to its full extent. As a medical humanitarian organisation, we find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic, which will touch each and every one of us, our families, our friends, our communities and of course the people we serve. As we plan our response, it is vital that we take time to look out for each other and offer support and solidarity. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who are working on this, for your hard work and contribution in the months to come.... Read the full message in English, French and Spanish.


10 April 2020: Authorities in Yemen must do all they can to facilitate COVID-19 responsAuthorities in Yemen must do all they can to facilitate COVID-19 responsee

27 March 2020: MSF calls for no patents or profiteering on COVID-19 drugs, tests, and vaccines in pandemic

19 March 2020: COVID-19: MSF se mobilise aussi en Belgique pour les populations les plus vulnérables

16 March 2020: Help and solidarity needed in Europe to protect medical staff from COVID 19

12 March 2020: MSF: Evacuation of squalid Greek camps more urgent than ever in light of Covid-19



By: Sophie Guillaumie