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Saving Women's Lives - Addressing the issue of unsafe abortion - at the OCB Gathering 2017

Unsafe abortion and lack of access to post‐abortion care continues to be one of the leading causes of maternal mortality, especially in young girls. Restrictions on contraceptive methods and continued criminalisation of safe abortion have led to stigmatisation of service providers. There is a current global trend towards reducing funding for sexual and reproductive health services particularly safe abortion services. If left unchallenged the situation is expected to worsen and the number of maternal deaths worldwide will increase.

View what was discussed during the 2017 OCB GATHERING DEBATE "Saving women's lives" below and chek OTHER RESOURCES at the right of this page.

"Saving Women's Lives" debate at the 2017 OCB Gathering
This session focused on how MSF can step up its services by exploring the internal barriers to saving the lives of such patients. (click here to see who was in the panel)


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  • Sohur Mire, OCB Board member.


  • Séverine Caluwaerts is an obstetrician‐gynaecologist who has been working with MSF since 2008 in different contexts (Sierra Leone, Burundi, DRC, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Niger, Central‐African Republic). Since 2011 she is the gynaecology referent for OCB.
  • Ann Van Haver, is a Midwife working with MSF since 2007. She is a Mobile Implementation Officer for Sexual & Reproductive Health since May 2013. Active provider of Termination of Pregnancy (ToP), Ann is involved in the set‐up of ToP activities in various projects.
  • Rola Yasmine is a feminist, nurse and researcher with a Master of Science in Reproductive and Sexual Health Research from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSTHM). Based out of Beirut, Rola has founded a community based organization 3 years ago called the “A project”. The project reaffirms agency and autonomy in sexuality and mental health, advances a political discourse around sexual, reproductive, and mental health ‐ through practice and theory, and seeks to find alternatives to counteract medical patriarchy's restrictive and reductive approaches towards all bodies, especially those of women and gender non‐conforming people in Lebanon.
  • Claude Maon is a legal advisor for Médecins Sans Frontières (OCB) ‐ on issues related to international humanitarian law, protection of patients victims of violence and medico‐legal responsibilities. Claude holds a master's degree in law and a master's degree in international humanitarian aid from the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL).
By: Sophie Guillaumie