Lorenzo Maniscalco (d. 1 October 2015)

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Dr Lorenzo Maniscalco.

Lorenzo was on a surgical mission in Bikenge, D.R. of Congo where he died of a heart attack on the 1st of October.

His first mission with MSF as a surgeon was in 2013 in Somalia followed by a second one the same year in Haiti.

In these difficult moments, our deepest thoughts are with his family and friends as well as with his colleagues.

Muriel Cornélis,
HR Director

It was only after two weeks after arrival in Bikenge that Dr. Lorenzo passed away in a quick and unexpected way: it happened while he was at work, seeing several patients in the emergency room of our health structure in Bikenge. He had a heart attack. His abrupt departure left a team entangled in shock and sorrow.

Since his arrival, Dr Lorenzo had started, with a lot of dedication, to train his Congolese colleagues in surgery, a medical activity of huge importance here in Bikenge. In the short time I knew him, he inspired me as being a real optimist: despite the challenges he was facing, he always saw things on the bright side: everything was always “perfect” for him. More than once he expressed his happiness to be part of our team. This also shows how many of his colleagues remember him, as Dr “Perfetto”.

The abrupt parting of Dr Lorenzo is difficult to bear. At the same moment of his funeral in Ancona, a commemoration ceremony was held inside our health structure, during which many of his colleagues, expatriate or national staff shared their stories and anecdotes regarding him.

All our thoughts go to his family, to whom we express our deepest condolences.

For the MSF team in Bikenge,
Jesse Verschuere
By: Göran Svedin