Manso Koroma (d. July 26, 2012)

The tribute given by FieldCo Bruno Poppe, in the name of the Coordination, during the memorial at Gondama Reference Centre (GRC) in Bo, Sierra Leone:

Today we are gathered at GRC to commemorate the death of our colleague Manso. Manso has gone, for ever. His family, his relatives, his friends, his colleagues are left with a deep sense of distress and confusion. Our heart is filled with sadness, revolt, resentment, compassion, regrets, despair. All these feelings hurt.

Today let’s share our sadness for the lost of Manso, the regret of not having him on our side anymore,
the compassion for the ones who cherished him.

Fully 6 years Manso was a member of the MSF family. On the 1st of June 2006 he started to work in GRC as a nurse in the emergency room. 3 years later, thanks his competences, he became team leader in the same service. 6 years long he dedicated his time to Sierra Leonean brothers and sisters. He used his energy and
his knowledge to treat our patients. Over these 6 years his pleasant personality cheered up his colleagues. Some of them became close friends.

A few weeks ago Manso contracted a terrible illness which took him away from us. In the name of MSF in Sierra Leone, I offer my condolences to his family, relatives, friends, colleagues.

In the name of MSF I thank you Manso for your commitment, I thank you for what you did for your own population, thank you for who you were. We are sad you went.

Wherever you are now, I hope you were received with open arms.

Farewell Manso, we’ll miss you.

A personal tribute from two close colleagues, Matthew Anderson and Anne Jimenez

On the 26th of July 2012, a terrible event occurred in the home of Mr. Manso Koroma. Heavy wind struck, the roof was blown away then the lights went off plunging the entire house in total darkness. Mr. Manso, a very brave soldier in the fight against LASSA FEVER was taken completely off guard by death and one of his most deadly rebel commander (Lassa) who quietly stole Manso’s breath and soul, leaving his entire body a total waste.

What a brave soldier you were Manso, even in the midst of high risk and danger you never shy away, rather you stood tall to ensure that others may live. Only God almighty will reward you for sacrificing your precious life. Sleep on beloved. Sleep and take your rest. Till we meet one day on that beautiful shore.
May your soul rest in perfect peace.

Sadly missed by the entire staff of MSF Belgium Gondama Referral Center Bo Southern Province, Sierra Leone

An excellent ER nurse and Team leader…

A dedicated colleague…

An indispensable GRC staff…

Most of all…A TRUE FRIEND!

You will always be remembered!

(... from CONTACT No.118)

By: Rebecca Cederholm